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Legal Advocacy for

NC Residency Classification for

Tuition Purposes


Under North Carolina law, each public university and college must determine whether a student or applicant is a North Carolina resident, and the difference in tuition is staggering.  For example, an in-state undergraduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill pays approximately $33,600 over four years in tuition alone, while an out-of-state student’s tuition over four years totals more than $130,000. 


If you have recently relocated to North Carolina, it can be difficult to establish residency.  The burden of proof is on the applicant, there is a high standard of proof, and the steps students must take are often difficult to pull together and complete.



We are legal advocates who counsel clients through the residency process. We provide legal advice for students wishing to attain a North Carolina residency classification, and we walk our clients through the steps required to establish bona fide residency for tuition purposes in North Carolina.


In particular, we work with our student clients to determine whether they can qualify as a resident for tuition purposes, walk with them through the specific steps they must take to qualify, gather their information, file the residency application, and work with them on residency appeals when necessary. In short, we counsel students through every step of the process so that they can get a correct decision as soon as possible.


Please go here for more details about residency determination and our fees.



Unfortunately, not all students can establish residency due to individual or family circumstances.  And sometimes it can take a year to work through all of the steps required under the law. 


Our pledge to our student clients is simple: an honest review of your chances upfront and follow through as we complete required steps.  We will work with clients to establish residency for tuition purposes when they have a chance, but we will also be honest in advising students who likely will not qualify.



The Brazile Law Firm, Pllc is a boutique firm in Durham, NC focused on counseling and advocating for families and individuals.


For 10 years, Kyle Brazile, the principal attorney of the firm, worked in undergraduate admissions in the UNC System where part of his role involved residency determination.  He has a thorough understanding of the rules and procedures of residency, and has the education and legal experiences to counsel clients through the process.



If you would like to schedule a legal consultation, please either complete our initial consultation form here (a five minute survey), or email us at  The fee for an initial consultation is $150, and any fee collected will be applied to your services if you later retain our firm.


Or, if you simply have initial questions, please call our office or email us at


Please go here for more details about residency determination and our fees.

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